English Language

Along with the study of the Bible in English comes the study of the English language itself. Many words we Christians use regularly were first coined by Bible translators. Our language has gone through several phases such as Old English, Middle English, and Modern English.

Books About The English Language

Kington-Oliphant, T L. Old And Middle English, The. 1878. The predecessors to our modern English are important both in the study of the language and in the study of Bible translations. This book discusses the earlier periods known as Old and Middle English. Old English includes the Lindisfarne & Rushworth Gospels. Wycliffe's translation is an example of Middle English. This is a 6x9 volume, available in paperback 696pp $27.00. Click here for a sample page.
Wood, H T W. Changes In The English Language. 1870. This is a facsimile reprint of Changes In the English Language, Between the Publication of Wiclif's Bible and That of the Authorised Version. This is a 6x9 volume, available in paperback 76pp $8.00. Click here for a sample page.