The short history of this Museum "store" is as follows: I began taking an interest in historical English Bibles a few years ago. I began collecting facsimiles of the older English Bibles. However, I soon learned that many were not available anywhere. I found computer files that allowed me to print copies for my museum and produced my own facsimiles through Others expressed an interest in having these facsimiles as well. Hence, the online store was started.

All the reprints are new - printed on demand through handles the printing and the checkout. Thus reprints are professional quality paperbacks and hardbacks. Also you will be able to use a credit card, paypal or other method of payment through their checkout system.

Feel free to browse through the many reprints offered here. Each one has a short description - to find out pricing and see a preview of the book simply click on the link at the end of the description (i.e. paperback, hardback).

The store is able to offer two different types of Bibles. Facsimile Bibles are photocopy duplicates of the originals. Text Bibles are edited and printed in regular text as one might with a word processor.

I love God's Word. I truly enjoy studying the history of His Word, especially in English. If you have ideas, comments, questions, suggestions or want to volunteer on a project please contact me (click here).