Works from the Bible Reader's Museum
1. The Encyclopedia of English-Language Bible Versions

The Encyclopedia of English-Language Bible Versions (EEBV) is a comprehensive listing of all full Bibles, Old Testaments and New Testaments in English. The EEBV provides details such as translators, source texts, revisions and much more. This is a reference for anyone who studies, reads or collects different versions of the Bible.

This edition includes over 500 different versions of full Bibles, Old Testaments or New Testaments. Including revisions of these versions raises the number to over 800 different versions! Even more versions are included in appendices which include unfinished versions, dialect and slang scripture selections, abandoned Bible versions, and a list of other unique, partial scriptures. All together there are over 1,400 versions in this book!

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2. God's Timeless Word

God's Timeless Word: His Message, Our History, Your Bible is a book for every Bible reader. This book traces the transmission of the Bible from inspiration to that Bible on your shelf.

The historical section is brief - an introduction for the average church goer. This book doesn't stop at a simple historical snapshot - it continues on to discuss modern translations, characteristics of good and bad translations, choosing a Bible, using a Bible and getting deeper into your Bible.

This is available in paperback

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3. Johannine Decapla

This unique work contains 10 historical versions of the New Testament Book of John. This spans more than 500 years of history from 1382 through 1901. Included are the Wycliffe, Tyndale, Coverdale, Matthew, Great, Geneva, Bishops, Authorised, English Revised and American Standard Versions. These are arranged in columns and in larger print for easy reading.

This is available in paperback and hardback

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4. Bible Lover's Puzzle Book

Ever heard of the "Bad Math" Bible? Or the "Bugges" Bible? Do you know the longest word in the Bible? Is there a secret signature in the Bible? Is there one verse in the Bible that contains all the letters of the Alphabet? If so, in what version? These puzzles and more are included in this fun little exploration of the Bible.

This work is brief - focusing not on Bible trivia but on Bible history and wording. Using a computer database, I have generated the most detailed answer to the "alphabet verse puzzle" ever made. Answers are included for all the quizzes.

This is available in paperback

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5. The Quingential Way

The Quingential Way contains John 14:6 from 500 different English versions ("quingenti" means 500 in Latin). Each is listed in the order of its first publication. Please note that revisions were published at different times and will be listed according to the revision date, not that of the original version. Differences in punctuation, spelling, and formatting are all considered in determining a different version. Thus, many will appear nearly identical. Those that were completely identical were not included. Other versions vary wildly from the expected translation. One version even numbered verses differently so it isnít even the same sentence at all (1861, Leonard Thorn)! Thatís why I have included 501 to compensate for this difference. This book is a result of the study that went into developing The Encyclopedia of English Language Bible Versions.

This is available in paperback

6. Gospels for Hackers

2006 - Gospels for Hackers (text format). This is a humorous, yet actually readable triglot of the four Gospels. Every word of the King James Version has been transliterated into three forms of "elite speech." This "l33T sP33K" is in three levels - lite, medium and hard. Read things like "7H3N j053pH B3!n6 R@!53d fR0m 5133P d!d @5 7H3 @n631 0f 7H3 10Rd H@D B!DD3N h!m." Whether it is for a gag gift for that "techie" on your list or as a sneaky form of evangelism for a programmer you know, you'll enjoy this truly unusual Bible.

This is available in Paperback (Gospels)

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